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Repurposed Tree

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Make these fun Easter treats.

Make a fun Earth Day art project with the kids using materials you find in your craft box, garage or tool box at home.

Aluminum or gardener's wire
Paint stirring stick
Miscellaneous items from around the house: beads from old jewelry, pony beads, washers & nuts, small jewel beads, etc.  

1. Cut at least 10 pieces of wire the length of the stirring stick. You can bend each piece back and forth until it cuts off or use wire cutters (adult’s job).

2. Place the stirring stick in the middle of the first piece of wire and twist and tie the wire around both ways to set it in. Make sure to tie and twist tight enough so that it doesn't slide off. Continue to do this with the rest of the wire pieces to simulate the tree branches.

3. When the branches are ready, start threading beads (washers, nuts) onto the wires. Every time you put on a new bead, twist the wire around it to set it in. Start beading from the inside of the tree out.

4. Finally, arrange your branches to your taste; make the tree look full, with lots of dimension.

Other ideas
Use different colored wire.

Paint the stick with decorative designs, colors and/or put your name on it.

This is a cool decoration to put in a flower pot. A tree for every family member would look really cute in a garden!

Make more (or fewer) tree branches to make the tree bigger (or smaller).

Juliana Flores is the founder of Pachi’s Art Studio for Kids in Point Loma. Learn more at

Published: March 2015